Find the exact number of biggest cubes which can be made out of a cuboid of dimensions 21 m Ă— 15 m Ă— 9 m.

1. 110

DIRECTIONS: In each of the following question choose the option which should replace the underlined phrase, to make the sentence grammatically correct.

She applied for a lectureship last May.

The word given below has been used in sentences in four different ways. Choose the option corresponding to the sentence in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.

1. Bolivar ultimately failed to bring off a military coup.

ABC is a three-digit number in which A > 0. The value of ABC is equal to the sum of the factorials of its three digits. What is the value of B?

1. 9

Choose the set in which the statements are most logically related

A. Some mammals are carnivores.


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