Two trains start from A and B.and head towards B and A respectively .Train from A starts at 11 p.m. and reaches B at 5 p.m. next day.Train from B starts at 10 p.m.the same day and reaches A at 6 a.m. the next day .At what time (approximately) will they cross each other?

1. 4 a.m.

Direction for Question: In each of the following cases, you are provided with a set of 4 sentences. The sentences might carry a grammatical/ usage mistakes. You have to identify the number of sentences which are grammatically or usage wise incorrect.

Q .

There is an error of + 1.5% while measuring the radius of a sphere. What is the percentage error in calculating the volume of the sphere?

1. 4.6%

At 20° C and 1.00 atm partial pressure of hydrogen, 18 mL of hydrogen, measured at STP, dissolves in 1 L of water. If water at 20°C is exposed to a gaseous mixture having a total pressure of 1400 Torr (excluding the vapour pressure of water) and containing 68.5% H2 by volume, then the volume of H2 measured at STP, which will dissolve in 1 L of water is

Three consecutive positive integers are raised to the first, second and third powers respectively and then added. The sum so obtained is a perfect square whose square root equals the total of the three original integers. Which of the following best describes the minimum, say m, of these three integers?


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