September 03, 2014

Choose the option that fills the blank most suitably, for the corresponding question.

He is a very ..... man. Everything ..... on the discussions. Smoke from the houses ..... above his village. They are the ..... on.

September 02, 2014

A jury reaches a verdict when all of its members come to a unanimous agreement. In one recent well publicized trial, the judge thought that the jury had reached a verdict. Eventually it was learnt that one juror did not agree with the others. The proceedings were ultimately declared a mistrial by the judge.

Based only on the above nformation, which of the following statements is a valid conclusion.

September 01, 2014

Directions for Questions: In this question has a paragraph given with one sentence missing in between or at the end. From among the answer choices given, select the sentence that can fill the blank to form a coherent paragraph.


A father and his son are waiting at a bus stop in the evening. There is a lamp post behind them. The lamp post, the father and his son stand on the same straight line. The father observes that the shadows of his head and his son's head are incident at the same point on the ground. If the heights of the lamp post, the father and his son are 6 metres, 1.8 metres and 0.9 metres respectively, and the father is standing 2.1 metres away from the post, then how far (in metres) is the son standing from his father?

While browsing internet, what do we call the area of storage that compensates for the different speeds of data flow or timings of events by temporarily holding a block of data that is waiting to be processed?

1. Cache


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