Which Indian company recently acquired Element K, a leading provider of learning solutions in North America, for a consideration of $40 million?


Feel the blank

She is a close friend of ____________.

In India, which commission can be approached to curb misleading advertisements


Classify following sentences into Fact (F), Judgment (J) and Inference (I) based on the definitions provided below, and choose the most suitable sequence among the given options.

Fact (F): If it to known matter of direct observation, or an existing reality or something known to be true.

Recently ‘Mamoni Scheme’ was launched by Assam Government to reduce Maternal Mortality ratio, in the honour of :

1. Homi Vyarawalla

Direction for Question : In this question, there are five sentences. The sentences need to be arranged in a logical order to form a coherent paragraph. From the given options, choose the most appropriate option.

Q .

What is the probability of finding exactly 33 multiples of 3 when 100 consecutive natural nos are selected?

1. 129q26-1

Following question are followed by two statements I and II. Answer question using the following instructions:

a. If the question can be answered by using the statement I alone bu not by using the statement II alIone.

If log0.3 (x —1) < log 0.09 (x —1), then x lies in the interval

1. math_ques_2_opt1

Out of two -thirds of the total number of basket-ball matches, a team has won 17 matches and lost 3 of them. What is the maximum number of matches that the team can lose and still win three-fourths of the total number of matches, if it is true that no match can end in a tie?


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